Ross Guenther: On the Idaho-Maryland Mine |

Ross Guenther: On the Idaho-Maryland Mine

From 1976 through the mid-1990s, I reviewed the thousands of existing mine maps and reports of the Idaho-Maryland Mine creating new physical mine models as well as 3D computer models.

As the operations manager, with my crew, we inspected the New Brunswick shaft, did some limited drilling and conducted extensive environmental studies including domestic wells and surface waters. We also received a positive EIR, approval from Nevada County and all necessary permits, including water quality and air quality permits. We also helped file documents alerting any new residents of potential mine activity. Subsequent international financial events caused the permits to lapse.

Although the 1990’s permit did not include a ceramics plant, subsequently my company Ceramext, LLC developed an option to treat the mine tailings producing tile and other valuable ceramic products.

Extensive studies have shown that the ceramic manufacturing would not contribute to negative air quality emissions.

Ross Guenther

Penn Valley

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