Rose Wikstad: A different look at PG&E |

Rose Wikstad: A different look at PG&E

I have read and heard so many negative things about PG&E I want to take this opportunity to let people know about the experience we had dealing with them.

They sent us a letter letting us know that they would be working to clear under the power lines that run through our property. I called and was told they would send someone to talk with us.

Jeff Walloch came to my door and introduced himself. I liked him instantly. He and I walked the property and he explained what they intended to do. He communicates well and is easy to talk with. He kept in touch with us until they began the project. He and his crew were amazing workers.

Not only did they clear under the power lines, but they cleaned up the mess that other PG&E workers had left from former years. They cut, chipped and cleaned up the area beautifully and then they spread the chips. The area they worked on is now fire safe and pleasing to the eye. We appreciate everything they did and feel so much better about fire safety.

Luis Corrales was in charge of the crew that worked behind our house. He was courteous, hard-working and very kind, just like Jeff Walloch. All I can say is we were extremely lucky to have had them here. The neighbors I have spoken with feel the same way.

Our heartfelt thanks to the entire crew for their performance. It is important for people to know that PG&E is trying to keep us safe and have hired people that are doing an excellent job and we need to let them know we appreciate their efforts.

Rose Wikstad

Nevada City

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