Rosalie Wohlfromm: Low youth voter turnout |

Rosalie Wohlfromm: Low youth voter turnout

From all accounts it has been reported that the so-called youth vote did not materialize again. Here they had a candidate (Sanders) who they seemed to be enamored with, someone who drew huge crowds and who spoke to them on issues affecting them.

My question is this, “Why attend the rallies if you don’t follow up with your vote?”

I understand some not bothering to vote back in 2016 or voting for a third party candidate. They thought the Democratic National Committee “stole” the race from Sanders. Whether this was true or not then, they cannot use this excuse now. Sanders needed them to vote and I feel they let him down.

Some people stated that maybe the long lines were to blame. But weren’t those long lines affecting those people who voted? A lot of voters had those same lines but hung in and voted!

I remember as a teenager in New York waiting in line with my friends for a chance to get concert tickets to see the Beatles and we didn’t mind the hours we had to wait. Shouldn’t voting be more important than attending a concert?

Once when I was at Sierra College, participating in voter registration, I asked one student why he didn’t vote in the past. His answer: “We should be able to vote on our cell phone.” I must admit this answer wasn’t what I expected. My first thought (and outcry) was, “Are you that lazy?” I guess I could have been more polite, but I was angry. I went on to tell him that California makes it so easy to vote, in that if he wanted to save himself the trouble of going to the polls, he could mail his ballot, with California even paying the postage. “How easy is that?” I added.

I’m sorry to hear disgruntled young people bemoaning the fact that Sanders didn’t win the primary races this past week. But to my way of thinking, they have only themselves to blame.

Rosalie Wohlfromm


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