Ron Lowe: Will anyone stand up to White House? |

Ron Lowe: Will anyone stand up to White House?

Why will no one stand up to this American cancer in the White House? Gutless wonders in both political parties.

Donald Trump keeps flailing away in his abject ignorance. What should we call Donald Trump now? “Divider in Chief?” “Groper in chief?” “Bigot in Chief?” If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t more Republicans happy these days?

Have you noticed, Republicans have reverted to their old strategy? Keep Americans confused and distracted, overwhelm them with new activities and information every day.

One other thing: Technically sophisticated individuals can steal an election by hacking — we know that the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — the states that put Trump over the top in the Electoral College, were gerrymandered to favor Republican candidates. Could Republican hackers have also been involved for insurance to make sure that Donald had the votes needed to swing the election and Electoral College?

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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