Ron Lowe: Trump’s ‘patriarchy’ is petty, cruel and impulsive |

Ron Lowe: Trump’s ‘patriarchy’ is petty, cruel and impulsive

Donald Trump called former employee Omarosa Manigault Newman a “low life.” It takes one to know one, Donald. But the world is changing.

The strutting, bullying figure of Donald Trump represents the beginning of the end of male dominance, and he’s bringing the patriarchy crashing down around him.

What is the patriarchy? The patriarchy is the domination of women by men. When men still ruled the world, the individuals we called “manly” were tall, muscular, quietly patriotic, and kindhearted. Trump, in his desperation to look masculine, is cruel, petty, and impulsive. During his campaign his wife, Melania, gave an interview to CNN. The sound bite was: “Sometimes I say I have two boys at home — I have a young son, and I have my husband.” Right on.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

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