Ron Carpenter: Impeach the Democratic Party |

Ron Carpenter: Impeach the Democratic Party

I will mention just a few reasons why we should impeach the Democratic Party while knowing I am not preaching to the choir in Grass Valley.

It will be quite a surprise if The Union prints my views since it is well known to have a liberal bias. In my lifetime I have never seen such hate for those who support a duly elected president the likes of those supporting President Trump.

Democratic Party has become a party of haters? Calling on people to publicly harass Trump staffers. Calling Trump voters a basket of deplorable, accusing women of supporting Trump only because their husbands told them to.

They want convicted felons and illegals to vote, free college, free medical, a guaranteed income, reparations, no guns, sanctuary cities, legalized prostitution, a federal law to legalize pot, and they want a duly elected president to be impeached.

The Democrat Party is so unrecognizable today because it’s gone.

Ending my tirade by saying my fellow American Democrats, Republicans and Independents, let’s stop the hating from both sides and demand that our representatives stop the hate rhetoric and work on how to make “America Beautiful Again.”

Ron Carpenter

Grass Valley

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