Roger Schutt: Something to consider |

Roger Schutt: Something to consider

Per, the “Dorsey Fire” consumed 38 acres recently. While it was happening (with all those crazy winds swirling) that fire was downright frightening in its “potential!”

Just after the fire was extinguished, I was informed by a local gentleman that a professional “tree and brush clearing company” had eradicated much of the debris and vegetation on or near that property only weeks prior. It was not clear to me exactly where that advance clearing took place, but consider this …

Had acreage not been cleared prior, what were the chances of that fire escalating into the Whispering Pines area, etc.?

Or … what if a similar event takes place in an area of taller trees, thicker brush, etc.? Folks, we could have experienced a local wildfire we don’t even wish to imagine.

Roger Schutt

Grass Valley

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