Roger Brouwer: Disagreement not grounds for impeachment |

Roger Brouwer: Disagreement not grounds for impeachment

Concerning Scott McLean’s editorial entitled, “High time to impeach Trump,” I read your op-ed with eagerness to see what reasons you would give to justify impeachment.

A government official can only be impeached if he has done something illegal. All the “crimes” you list that Trump has committed are not against the law. You may think they should be illegal, and they might be illegal in California, but they are not illegal in Trump’s jurisdiction.

You cannot impeach someone because you disagree with his politics. Concerning one of your examples, just because he spends money on things you don’t want him to and doesn’t spend money where you want it spent is not grounds for impeachment (Tell me, which president did not half of our country disagree with on that issue?).

Let me give another example: many of us believe that the killing of innocent pre-born babies should be illegal, but it is not illegal in most of our country. I can vote for candidates who agree with me, but I can’t impeach a government official for killing a baby because it is legal in our country.

Neither can you impeach a government person with whom you disagree.

Roger Brouwer

Nevada City

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