Robin Wallace: Trump doesn’t need ‘fake news’ to look bad |

Robin Wallace: Trump doesn’t need ‘fake news’ to look bad

Regarding the Other Voices opinion column in Wednesday’s edition of The Union entitled, “Families belong together,” Cynthia Hren writes that many of the photos of children behind chain link fences were taken in 2014 under the Obama administration.

Then she comments, “but with the fake news media, facts don’t matter when Trump can be made to look bad.”

Mr. Trump needs no help in being made to look bad.

He is eminently capable of doing this himself. Regarding Hren’s suggestion that we should thank Mr. Trump for taking the action mandating families stay together, we should be thankful he watches so much cable television so he could see the enormous protest rallies around the country.

That’s why he took the action he did, to end his “Zero Tolerance” policy.

Robin Wallace

Nevada City

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