Robert Wolaver: Party while the ship is sinking |

Robert Wolaver: Party while the ship is sinking

Robert Wolaver

The latest Draft Environmental Impact Statement produced by President Trump’s own EPA dated July 2018 clearly states that the EPA has determined and accepts that human activities are actually driving climate change and that we should expect a 7-degree increase in average world temperatures by the end of this century.

It also states that we should in addition expect up to 9 feet of sea level rise, more severe droughts, a continuing loss of snow cover, increase in ocean acidity resulting in the loss of coral reefs and fish population, increase in severe weather events such as huge hurricanes, decrease in land-based ice sheets and thawing of the permafrost which will release additional locked up methane and further drive climate change.

So what does the EPA propose doing to save us from certain disaster? Nothing it seems. It appears that they believe this situation is now unavoidable, so why fight it.

Actually, something is being proposed by Trump and the EPA. Since to them this is inevitable, Trump and the EPA believe the best thing to do is eliminate environmental regulations so that we can achieve global meltdown as soon as possible.

Why wait when you can deregulate?

Besides, it’s more fun to party while the ship is sinking.

Robert Wolaver

Grass Valley

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