Robert Lobell: U.S. exploitation in South and Central America |

Robert Lobell: U.S. exploitation in South and Central America

The history of Central/South America is stained by the corporate confiscation, even outright theft, of vast tracts of native lands, i.e. less than 3% of Guatemalans own 70% of the land (Galeano).

From this come economic monopolies (bananas, etc.) enabled by cheap labor — the United Fruit Co. paid $1 a day, in coupons not money (Galeano); class/civil warfare (i.e. see Reagan’s funding of “Contra” terrorists in Nicaragua); the U.S. endorsement of fascist dictators (Pinochet); the CIA led coups of democratically elected leaders (Allende); anti-labor union trade policies (NAFTA now USMCA); and the unemployed gang members surviving on capitalist drug markets.

It’s hardly surprising that immigrants feel compelled to leave their homes. Yet the very policies endorsed by Trump — including the private, for-profit corporations used to house migrants, and the criminally abusive separation of young children from their parents — only breed further problems (

If the ultimate answer rests with native peoples being able to make a living in their own countries, try reforming corporate/government policies rather than, as Trump disingenuously refers to, “reforming immigration policies,” which deters neither corporate nor political exploitation, the real instigators of migration.

Robert Lobell

Nevada City

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