Robert Lobell: Trump’s agenda promotes migration he abhors |

Robert Lobell: Trump’s agenda promotes migration he abhors

Regarding George Boardman’s July 2 column on immigration in The Union, Trump complains that NAFTA’s economic globalization policies have created unfair trade balances, but what he really wants are monopolies by U.S. corporations; that is, making America — as he fantasizes — great again.

What Trump fails to acknowledge is how “globalization has led to (third-world) economic depression; thousands of small businesses have gone bankrupt, drastically slashing jobs and wages.”

“International Monetary Fund loan policies (debt) have driven Latin American countries into further poverty.” (Project Censored).

There’s nothing free about the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The “lack of employment (especially rural) resulting from NAFTA continues to motivate many to migrate to the U.S.” … “Many people were forced to leave their homes, because they lost their farms as a flood of cheaper, subsidized corporate (GMO) corn came south from the U.S.” (Project Censored). “Destitute third-world farmers commit suicide by drinking pesticides.” (American Journal of Industrial Medicine).

Ironically, Trump’s economic agenda promotes, at the same time, the resulting migration he so much abhors.

Robert Lobell

Nevada City

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