Robert Lobell: Prosecute Trump for child abuse |

Robert Lobell: Prosecute Trump for child abuse

Trump’s zero tolerance policy, which justifies the separation of asylum -seeking parents from their young children, is not a policy, it’s a crime.

Despite being warned by public health officials that such separations are psychologically damaging, Trump nevertheless chose to enable the separations, and did so intentionally. I say “chose” to, because Trump’s claim that the law forced him to separate families is fake news.

With many immigrant children remaining separated from their now deported parents, it’s apparent that Trump had no plans to reunite these families, at least not until forced to do so by the courts. Where were the compassionate conservatives when “a mother from Honduras reported that authorities snatched her infant from her while breast feeding?” (The Nation July, 2018). True, Clinton, Bush, and Obama had their own strict immigration policies, but which did not actually threaten the children’s health.

Some excuse these family break-ups as mere anomalies which do not reflect our values. But if Americans separated slave children from their slave parents, and separated Native-American children from their parents, and now children from their asylum -seeking parents, what then are American values?

Call this kidnapping, child endangerment, or cruel and unusual punishment, but if we really are a nation of laws, and no man is above the law, then shouldn’t Trump and Sessions be prosecuted for child abuse?

Robert Lobell

Nevada City

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