Robert Ingram: Outdoor grower, bad neighbor |

Robert Ingram: Outdoor grower, bad neighbor

My 86 year old mother now lives alone. So does her neighbor, also a pleasant elderly woman. She moved near my mom to live out her life in a nice neighborhood, it had been for my folks for over 50 years.

Unfortunately a not-so pleasant couple moved in next door to my mom’s neighbor, I’ll call them Bad Neighbor. Last year Bad Neighbor started a large outdoor grow allegedly for the husband’s “mystical” back pain, an ailment which doesn’t seem to be an issue when tending the crop. Plus, an injury remedied only with self-grown dope and even then, only if it’s grown … wait for it … outdoors (sorry, not that gullible). Bad Neighbor added Bad Dog, a large piercing bark creature to protect “the investment.” Now my mother’s neighbor can’t step outside her home without a screaming barrage. But Bad Dog doesn’t stop there; it explodes at any sound or movement, squirrel, deer, U.S. mail truck, paper deliverer, whatever. My mother’s neighbor cannot open a window in her home due to the stink from Bad Neighbor’s “cash cow.” When I’ve approached Bad Neighbor, they scurry off to their house and don’t answer the door.

My mother’s neighbor finally called the sheriff who forced Bad Neighbor to remove their excessive profit, I mean, plants. Bad Neighbors care about property rights, theirs not yours. And if the issue was truly patient care not profit, indoor grows would be plenty.

But then I’m a tad jaded about dope. Growing up in Nevada City in the ’60s, I watched dope destroy the incentive and drive right out of four of my best buds. Smart, fun guys, their minds shifted to idle, and then they shifted to other drugs. Yeah dope, great for Nevada County.

Robert G. Ingram

Grass Valley

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