Robert Burk: Include all the facts |

Robert Burk: Include all the facts

I am shocked and appalled that medical professionals would omit critical information when responding to a question about a medical condition. In the “Ask The Doctors” column appearing in the April 3 edition, the columnists indicate a condition known as subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) can occur after measles.

While it is true SSPE can occur after measles, it must be noted SSPE is one of over 50 adverse reactions known to be caused by the MMR vaccine, including death (refer to the MMR-II package insert — see Also note since the introduction of the measles vaccine, vaccine-associated SSPE has increased in the USA (refer to the 2009 publication by Ewing in the North American Journal of Medical Sciences — see

It is a reasonable expectation for columnists to include critical information when dispensing medical advice. Only when all pertinent facts are provided is one able to make an informed medical decision.

Robert Burk

Nevada City

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