Rob Shulman: Congress needs Marty Walters |

Rob Shulman: Congress needs Marty Walters

I hope that voters in Congressional District 1 will take a step to fix a dysfunctional Congress — that step being to elect Marty Walters. Marty is running in the primary in order give our District 1 independent, competent representation.

Marty is very smart and compassionate, and willing to work with the legitimate concerns of all sides, and of both parties. Our government was founded on debate and compromise. Rep. LaMalfa, who needs to go, shuns both debate and compromise.

Marty resides in Plumas County (where I lived for 20 years), and she knows well the issues of concern to the rural parts of District 1, including agricultural interests large and small. This includes water issues — Marty’s career has been in environmental science and related businesses. She would fight hard to stop the GOP-led assault against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Elect a scientist for a change!

It truly is time for a change. Let’s get Congress working again! I hope voters will make June 5 a victory for Marty Walters. Break the stranglehold of one party rule in Washington, D.C.

Rob Shulman

Grass Valley

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