Rob Chase: PG&E workers deserve better from management |

Rob Chase: PG&E workers deserve better from management

PG&E has been granted a monopoly to provide an essential public service. I do not understand how anyone can justify such a company being for profit, paying dividends to third parties, and compensating executives at rates comparable to those paid in corporations where there is a competitive environment and some unique intellectual property.

PG&E subscribers are captive customers. Their electricity fees should be entirely dedicated toward delivery of that service, and not be passed on as profit to investors. PG&E management should be paid at levels comparable to other public service employees. Perhaps the CEO should be paid the same as our state attorney general; $151,000 per year, or $184,000 like a four-star general with 20 years of service. Hedge funds, executives, and stockholders should not be making income on the backs of captive rate-payers in California.

The only way this will happen is if PG&E is a publicly owned and managed utility.

The mission should be to safely deliver the highest quality of service at the lowest cost. Once the bills are paid, infrastructure investments made, and the personnel compensated at reasonable levels, all excess income should be returned to the rate-payers in proportion to their charges. Management needs to be replaced by public servants with a service, not a profit motive, and the entire company should become a publicly owned and operated utility.

I fully support the union workers at PG&E who deserve better from management.

Rob Chase

Grass Valley

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