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Rita Hecocks: Regarding Sammie’s Friends

My name is Rita Hecocks and I live in Nevada County.

In 2000, the county was running the animal shelter. I was a volunteer at the time and was horrified to witness the manner in which the animals were treated: dogs, cats, etc. For example, tags were posted on cages that read PTS, or “put to sleep.” These animals were healthy, happy and had no idea what was to become their fate.

I remember a bloody chopping block outdoors, animals in the refrigerator after being euthanized. The facility was filthy. As volunteers, we would try to keep them clean for the animals that were able to stay alive. We did this for the love of the animals. Outside of the volunteers, the employees did nothing to try to find homes for these living creatures.

Finally, Cheryl Wicks and Curt Romander took over the shelter and things started to change. People were reunited with their lost pets, animals became adoptable. The Nevada County community became involved for the love of animals. These animals change people’s lives in a positive way.

Cheryl and her team have made a difference in the way this community lives.

I ask you to please keep Sammie’s Friends running our Nevada County animal shelter.

Rita Hecocks

Grass Valley

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