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Rita Behr: Earth’s upset tummy

Earth’s upset tummy

In the past five months the depths of earthquakes at all of the calderas and volcanoes in California, Oregon and Washington State — with the exception of Mt. Whitney — have shown negative and shallow quakes. This probably means the magma is moving. Earth’s tummy is upset.

With this in mind and the plume in the South Fork of the Yuba River and the North Fork of the Yuba, (as mentioned in the Appeal Democrat newspaper on Sept. 24), having occurred and possibly having been an old layer of sedimentary clay, etc. being ejected from beneath and into the rivers. We may want to start monitoring our open load mines for water temperature changes and gas sensors. This could give us a heads up warning to damages or dangers that could effect us. The gases that could omit from under us do not always have a fragrance to them.

The magnetic poles are going at each other and if this continues then the damages from within will get worse. We need to face the truth that the poles going at each other is occurring. And what type of damages that will have on us and the continents and the overall atmosphere, etc.

Locally, we could at least monitor the open load mines for the gases and water temps. No government group is really needed to do that. They seem to cover up the information. Any load mine owners willing to help out? Just a thought or two.

Rita Behr

Grass Valley

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