Ricki Heck: NID spends money on houses, then demolishes them | TheUnion.com

Ricki Heck: NID spends money on houses, then demolishes them

Yes, that’s right. At the NID meeting on July 26, it was revealed by NID that two recently purchased properties; one on Dog Bar Road and one on Magnolia Road were demolished, for a total demo cost of nearly $10,000.

NID spent about $400,000 to purchase these properties this year. In the words of Gary King, NID’s chief engineer, these properties are a danger to the environment, cannot be rented, are a potential fire hazard, and provide a haven for “vagrants” and “homeless.”

It is not a wise use of public money to purchase properties that are blighted or do not provide any immediate benefit to the watershed, while adding liability and maintenance costs to NID’s budget.

I call on the NID board and management again: Please stop purchasing properties in the Centennial Reservoir project area until NID receives permits, accurate project cost analysis, and environmental review.

Ricki Heck is a candidate for the Nevada Irrigation District’s Board of Directors Division 1 seat.

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