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Rick Gerdl: Caltrans needs to hit brakes on Hwy 174 project

Recently, Caltrans was invited to Grass Valley to inform the Nevada County supervisors, the “Save 174” group and the general public on what Caltrans has planned for 1.9 miles of the redesign of Highway 174 at a cost of around $28.5 million.

As the meeting moved forward, it as clear that Caltrans was using outdated and misleading statistics when the 174 group countered Caltrans’ presentation. The meeting was standing room only.

While Caltrans was giving their reasons for the project, they stated that no matter what is done they can not fix stupid when it comes to drivers. Caltrans is so right, but with $28.5 million to spend with this unneeded fix brings the term “stupid” to a new level and it’s not the drivers.

Caltrans needs to reverse this project, eat the $4.5 million that has been spent so far on a fix that is not needed — and get some guts and move the $24 million over to Highway 49, where we have a highway that is killing people.

Oh, wait a minute … Caltrans cannot fix stupid, but with $28.5 million behind them they can take the term stupid to a new level.

Rick Gerdl

Grass Valley

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