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Rick DeKnoop: A weekly tug-of-war?

There seems to be a glut of energy flowing around here in Nevada County. Much of it filled with anger and vitriol.

I feel we could reduce that bad vibe with a simple weekly event. We should get a 200-foot length of good strong rope — hemp is best for you organic types — and put it at the intersections of Brunswick, N. First and the Nevada City Highway. We close the roads and have a weekly tug-of-war.

At one end we could put the violent and vociferous “anti-vax people” and the other end we could put the equally semi violent “5G-will kill us all folks” and let them have at it. That will spend some of that negative energy and maybe then we can have civil city and county meetings where actual business is done.

Maybe I’m just dippy but it sounds like it would be fun. I will now remove my tongue that is firmly in my cheek and go quietly to my room to meditate. Thank you.

Rick DeKnoop

Grass Valley

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