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Richard Stormsgaard: Moral standards of free enterprise?

Regarding Mr. Montes’ op-ed on Sept. 26 about the perfection and morality of free enterprise, and the good it has bestowed on the world, rich and poor alike.

Is the history of the Civil War a giant federal government conspiracy because the slave owners decided that it was wrong to beat, sell and rape their slaves, and gave them freedom out of the goodness of their hearts? Or maybe slavery itself is historical hoax? As is global warming?

When Steinbeck wrote “Grapes of Wrath,” was he in some prolonged alcohol/drug-induced state that rendered him completely unaware of how nicely the newly arriving fellow Americans from the lower Midwest were treated by the generous owners of California fruit plantations?

Private enterprise voluntarily created weekends, the 40-hour work-week and labor unions.

They insisted on affordable university and health care for all, social security, Medicare. They invested heavily in U.S. infrastructure with their own funds, making the U.S. middle class the wealthiest in the world.

Thinking private enterprise might cause damage to groundwater, rivers, forests, oceans, humans or other living things without completely rectifying whatever inadvertent damage they had caused is outrageous, because of the high moral standards of private enterprise.

Richard Stormsgaard

Nevada City


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