Richard Schaut: At issue with Rogers’ pandemic perspective |

Richard Schaut: At issue with Rogers’ pandemic perspective

In response to Don Rogers’ “Puny Odds for Global Scourge” column on March 13, Mr. Rogers takes the position that concern for this pandemic is unwarranted, stating that the number of infected and dying is “minuscule.”

First, I am a 65 year old with a pre-existing health condition, who is at a much higher risk than the general population of developing COVID-19 and dying from it. I understand that in the big picture, my death is miniscule (one out of 300 million in the U.S.), yet to me, my wife, children, grandchildren, friends, and other family, my death may be more than miniscule. I find it reckless and inconsiderate to be written off so easily. Second, editorials like this reduce the seriousness and effectiveness of preventive measures.

Without all of us taking serious prevention measures now, the CDC and epidemics experts predict many more Americans will get the COVID-19 virus than the editorial suggests. Rogers blithely admits that it might “stress the hospitals,” yet if that happens, there could very well be more ill people requiring hospital beds than there are in the U.S., putting all of us at risk, not just those of us in your “miniscule” category.

Richard Schaut

Grass Valley

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