Richard Johnson: More in-depth coverage of candidates |

Richard Johnson: More in-depth coverage of candidates

Congratulations on your recent journalism awards. Your excellence wasn’t really on display, however, in your coverage of last week’s town hall forum for District 1 candidates for Congress.

Other than observing that the atmosphere was friendly, what could one learn from this too brief article? The names of the candidates, to be sure, as well as their party affiliation. But there was nothing about the substance of the forum, other than one-sentence quotes from three of the six candidates. We depend on you to give us some actual meaningful information about those running for office; from simply reading your account, I would know next to nothing about them, their platforms, or their goals.

Presumably this will be the last opportunity in our community to hear most of the candidates for District 1 in a single venue. I’m glad I was able to attend the forum personally, for it helped me make a decision before election day. But for those who can’t attend the League of Women Voters’ excellent events, please give us more informative and in-depth coverage.

Richard O. Johnson

Grass Valley

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