Richard Howell: Opinion page fosters critical thinking |

Richard Howell: Opinion page fosters critical thinking

Research tells us that we all tend to be a bit isolated. Individually, we have a narrow group of friends and associates and watch a limited number of news programs. Few, I guess, subscribe to more than one newspaper, even though online content is increasingly easy to access.

Over time, our attitudes get hardened by our isolation, and our ability to see other points of view becomes limited. Compromise in the name of viable solutions becomes nearly impossible. Modern society is so vastly different than the notion of participatory democracy that our founding fathers practiced.

Recently, I've discovered a wonderful opportunity to share and test my understanding of our political and social situation through the vehicle of If one follows the "Opinion" link, one can read articles from the opinion page of The Union, read comments submitted by readers, and post comments of one's own.

It is, in a nutshell, and exercise in participatory democracy. I wish that many more would take advantage of the opportunity.

True, you must wade through a few pointless comments from "blamers," but it's a small price to pay to learn what others know and think, strengthening ourselves as citizens.

Richard Howell

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