Richard Howell: GOP plan puts profit over people |

Richard Howell: GOP plan puts profit over people

This must be an embarrassing time to be a Republican and show your face in public. Congress and the White House, your Congressman, Doug LaMalfa in lock step, are in a full-on assault on middle class America.

Our White House, an international joke has attacked decades of health and safety protections, stirred religious and racial hatred, and eroded confidence in basic institutions. Congress, ignoring our tragic recent history has relaxed gun laws, boosting corporate profits at the expense of public safety. But it is the current tax plan that must stand as the Republican’s real mark of shame.

The “party of responsibility” is adding $1.5 trillion to the national debt to reward their corporate benefactors. No research supports their “con” that tax cuts for the wealthy will energize the American economy, but assert they do. Likely, tax savings will be invested abroad, where profits are high and ethics are low.

Republicans, you’ve sold our children and grandchildren into slavery by continuing to vote for corrupt politicians who will say one thing to get elected, pandering to your greed and fears, but, elected, do what their corporate donors demand.

Profit, after all, is more important than people. Right?

Richard Howell

Nevada City

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