Richard Cristdahl: Stop the killing of our children at school |

Richard Cristdahl: Stop the killing of our children at school

Stop the killing of our children at school

Gun laws will not stop this problem, but they could reduce the number of children and teachers who are shot

Law enforcement responding to information given to them about potential shooters will help even more. However, education may be the mid and long-term solution to this problem. It’s time for our educational system to step up and begins the necessary steps to stop these killings.

If you take a wider view, you may see that this problem stems from people who as children/students have been bullied, and ostracized from the school’s social networks. Many of these students are poor communicators, have learning disabilities, are introverted, or emotionally/mentally disturbed, these are all detectable and correctable attributes.

Starting in preschool and continuing through college all students need to have classes in communications, and relationship building; teaching them how to interact with others, make friends, to voice and get their needs fulfilled, and how to treat others humanely. Teach values like listening, non-violent communications, inclusion, compassion, and empathy for others; and take learning disabilities more seriously.

There are other mitigating factors like nutrition and addictions. Start by serving real food for lunch, instead of sugar-laden nutrient-deficient process foods, drinks, and junk foods that change brain chemistry; pizza is not a vegetable as schools claim it to be. Wireless devices that are allowed in the classroom need to be reconsidered and training in the hazards of overuse leading to addiction, digital dementia, and a multitude of health issues that include exacerbation of mental and emotional conditions.

Richard Cristdahl

Nevada City

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