Richard Cristdahl: Miller and special interests |

Richard Cristdahl: Miller and special interests

Supervisor Dan Miller is a liability to our community. He, along with many other politicians in Nevada County, has supported the placement of wireless antennas in the backyards of many of our residents without regard to their health, safety, their peaceful enjoyment, the view from their property and its value.

The latest was Burning Bush, where resident opponents presented a well-documented case, showing many discrepancies in AT&T’s application and documentation. This fell on the deaf ears of Dan Miller. Now these residents will have, an unsightly tower, actually in their backyards, exposed to generator noise, health and safety issues, and a reduction in the value of their homes.

A politician, like Dan Miller, who listens to special interests rather than the people he serves doesn’t deserve our vote. Let him ask AT&T or his other special interest groups to vote for him … Oh! They don’t live here.

It’s time for a change, and for women to govern.

Richard Cristdahl, OMD

Nevada City

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