Richard Bosshardt: Underground power lines worth investment |

Richard Bosshardt: Underground power lines worth investment

I would like to mention one of the repeated causes of fires in our state. High winds knock over trees and branches which in turn hit our above ground power lines causing sparks.

We can send men to the moon, but we are still slaves to above ground power distribution lines. This is archaic.

Think of the millions that are spent on overtime, equipment, poles and other damage repairs, not to mention the sad loss of properties.

Democrats intend to spend billions on a high-speed train that goes to “nowhere” and Gov. Brown spends our tax money to travel to China to discuss climate control, for which he has no foreign affairs mandate. And now Gov. Brown has hired Eric Holder at a consulting fee of many hundreds of dollars for litigating the federal government in defense of a sanctuary state.

California has one of the highest state income taxes, highest gasoline taxes, highest car registration fee, highest sales tax and yet the government spends so much we are severely in debt.

Gov. Brown and the legislators, I suggest you bring to the front plate the building of basic infrastructure, and foremost, bury power lines.

Richard Bosshardt

Nevada City

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