Richard Altenbach: You can’t have it both ways |

Richard Altenbach: You can’t have it both ways

Hilary Hodge says that cannabis regulations must ensure the safety of children and push criminals from our area (April 21, The Union). This is so true.

However, at the Cannabis Forum on April 15, Hilary announced that everyone should be able to grow marijuana in their backyard! Cannabis growing next door to my home does not make me or my family feel safe. It invites the criminal elements to our neighborhoods, and the stench alone is an invasion of my property rights when I want to enjoy my own backyard.

You can’t have it both ways, Hilary. I am voting for Dan Miller for Dist. 3 Supervisor, as he is steadfast in his stance that marijuana does not belong in our neighborhoods.

Richard Altenbach

Grass Valley

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