John Deam: Responsible marijuana use OK |

John Deam: Responsible marijuana use OK

In response to a recent Other Voices regarding "facts about marijuana," I agree with much of what Mr. Reynolds has to say.

I'm not a psychologist, but I've read a lot over the years. Most humans (as well as some animals) will find ways to alter their consciousness. They will also almost invariably seek pleasure and avoid pain. Marijuana is impossible to overdose oneself to the point of death, unlike opioids, alcohol, cocaine, morphine, tobacco, etc. — most of which may kill a user in the short or long run.

The immediate danger associated with Mary Jane are accidents caused by users who are high, and we have laws against DUI. To a lesser extent, the huge dollar amounts associated with the plant tempt criminals, but those dangers can be negated by smart laws that lower prices/costs.

I think the greatest long-term danger to society in general from marijuana is the user's decrease of individual motivation … to do anything other than lay about, get high and munch. Good parenting and strict laws should be in place to prevent minors from obtaining this drug, but like alcohol and tobacco, should be available to adults.

John P. Deam

Grass Valley

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