Regan Gere: I’m voting for Audrey Denny |

Regan Gere: I’m voting for Audrey Denny

Audrey Denny will represent us in Congress with ideas to help our local economy!

I’ve met all three Democratic candidates. They all have great merit in my mind. But I find that Audrey can bring something special to our District 1. With her master’s degree in Ag Ed from Chico State, she taught agriculture there for six years. As a farmer, and from a ranching family, she has shown she cares deeply about this field and those whose livelihoods depend on it.

She has science-based innovative ideas to have the feds support farmers and ranchers with infrastructure, incentives, and funding for new innovations, like soil-based carbon credits and carbon reduction markets to bring money to farmers and help our air.

As a rural community, we have special health-care needs. Audrey will vote to guarantee universal, quality, health care through Medicare for all. I agree with Audrey that rural women need the right to full family planning and health services now.

I’m voting for better services for District 1. I’m voting for Audrey!

Regan Gere

Nevada City

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