Reed Hamilton: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act |

Reed Hamilton: The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

As owner of a home that has solar panels, I get a true-up bill from PG&E every year that tells me how much electricity I used above what the panels produced.

I just got mine and it came to $45 for electricity and $120 for fixed transmission costs — for the whole year.

Of course, it costs to install and own the panels and when my wife and I were both working we could afford to put them on in stages. For lots of folks, though, even leasing is beyond their means. I’d like to see everybody who has a good solar site have the same benefits we have. I think that takes putting a fee on fossil fuels that will stimulate innovation in the technology and price of solar, along with a dividend going back to each citizen to help offset what costs get passed on to us by manufacturers. This idea has appeal across the political spectrum and there are several proposals out there. The one that checks all the boxes for me is a House of Representatives bill, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

Let’s tell our member of Congress, Doug LaMalfa, that we want this legislation passed.

Reed Hamilton

Grass Valley

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