Reed Hamilton: Bipartisan bill gives us a path forward |

Reed Hamilton: Bipartisan bill gives us a path forward

I’m sure I’m not alone in breathing a sigh of relief that rains are drenching our county. The stories of the deaths and destruction of the Camp Fire are still in the news every day. In the midst of all this I’ve wondered whether we’re next for a catastrophic fire.

The IPCC report released earlier this fall made it clear that we have 12 to 15 years to make radical changes in greenhouse gas emissions. The federal government’s reported just after Thanksgiving that climate change is costing our economy dearly already and will get worse. So what to do?

This week two Republican and three Democrat congressmen introduced the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a market-based bill that puts a fee on carbon and then returns those fees in dividends to every taxpayer. The sponsors estimate that it would reduce CO2 emissions by 40 percent in 12 years, create 1.2 million jobs, and clean up the air. This bi-partisan bill gives me hope that finally that there is a path forward that can get broad agreement.

I invite our own Representative LaMalfa to endorse this bill. We desperately need something to keep all of California from the fate of Paradise.

Reed Hamilton

Grass Valley

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