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Randall Strossen: PG&E field stars

When a large tree fell across North Bloomfield Road on the morning of Valentine’s Day, it felled the power line, broke the pole, left the road blocked until late that evening, and 60 homes were without power for about 36 hours.

We had been having some hiccups with our backup generator during the outage, and when power was restored, we were not able to switch back, so I called PG&E to report we were still without power. Very quickly I got a call saying, “I’ll be there shortly.”

He was, and to get there, he’d had to drive up a private road and then walk up our driveway — which he did without a complaint — and he had us up and running in a few minutes.

Summing up my gratitude, I said, “You’re like Santa Claus.”

Hats off to the PG&E field crews who really don’t let foul weather or anything else prevent them from doing their best to keep our homes lit up and warm.

Randall Strossen

Nevada City

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