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Randall Guyton: True definition of a patriot

I am elated with the idea of a legal noose tightening around the president’s neck. I feel great satisfaction in seeing a lying, rich blowhard realize his comeuppance.

However, I feel very sad that the office is being assaulted by very real accusations of high crimes and misdemeanors.

This isn’t tribalism or what “team” I’m on. This is not liberal, conservative, right/left, or whatever. This is being an American. As a veteran, I am sworn to protect the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. That’s real.

It’s right that Nixon resigned in the face of possible impeachment. It’s right that Bill Clinton was impeached by Congress. It’s right that President Donald J. Trump be impeached if, in fact, he engaged in an illegal conspiracy with foreign powers to deceive the American electorate to achieve the office he now holds. This is treason.

Sadly, our president is not the only one doing this, including Democrats, federal officials and our business leaders, every day.

If you are blindly loyal to this president, you are wrong. If you are blindly against this president, you are wrong. The true definition of a “patriot” is someone who defends the idea of American democracy. Period.

Randall Guyton

Grass Valley

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