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Randall Guyton: GOP hypocrisy and foolishness


It boggles the mind to think that not one Republican in either the U.S. Senate or House voted for the COVID-19 relief bill signed into law recently.

How is it possible to justify these unified votes against measures that significantly help their constituents? Is there not a single Republican out of the nation’s 331 million citizens suffering from the yearlong trials of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic fallout?

The measure contains serious financial assistance for state and local governments, getting kids back in school safely, helping people meet their rent so they don’t get evicted, extending unemployment benefits, child care assistance, and providing relief to businesses that have been especially hard hit by pandemic restrictions. It puts real money into the pockets of citizens — money that will roll over into the economy to keep the U.S. economy rolling, keep the family fed, and the lights on. You know, “socialism.”

While Republican (and certain Democratic) “leaders” express phony concerns about fiscal responsibility and the national debt now that we have a Democratic president in the White House, it’s worth remembering they had no such problems when Trump occupied the Oval Office, doling out a trillion-dollar tax cut with the lion’s share going to the already wealthy. You know, “socialism.”

Republican ideological purity is about to face a major test when the federal assistance dollars from the Democrats’ COVID-19 relief measure arrives. Surely true Republicans will send back the checks, especially since they’re not even signed by the president. And of course no Republican-owned business would think about accepting the rank “socialism” of the federal government actually helping its citizens.

Surely, these “rugged individualists” will send their checks back to Congress and get busy pulling themselves up by their bootstraps. Just joking, of course. They’ll take the money and foolishly think we won’t notice their confusion and incredible hypocrisy.

Randall Guyton

Grass Valley

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