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Ramona Greb: Where critical thinking leads me

Critical thinking should be taught in all grades. So many problems besides COVID. The first responsibility of schools is the teaching of the 3 R’s: reading, (w)riting, and ‘rithmetic.

However, I also emphasized critical thinking to my fifth-graders because without it you’re a brainwashed zombie. (I retired in 1991.) My school did very well in achievement and we had bused kids from South Central Los Angeles. Every once in a while we’d get what I called a “floater,” a totally incompetent teacher passed from school to school thanks to the union (UTLA). This is why I’m against tenure. If you’re worth your salt, you won’t get fired.

Critical thinking can be used to critique the media, politicians, policies, U.S. problems/solutions, the border crisis, the fact that the corporations and wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes with a possible solution (close the loopholes or how about a flat tax of 10%, which would lessen mine but probably bring in more money than now), those politicians who avoid answering direct questions, etc.

You could even apply it to China/COVID. Why, I said to myself in February 2020, did they ban travel from Wuhan to other parts of China but allowed international travel? Why didn’t they open their books to WHO as to how it started? Lack of transparency promotes suspicion.

Then there’s voter ID. What’s wrong with that? Why are so many illegals allowed into this country, and how many have COVID? Why are former policies which worked ignored? (Stay in Mexico, asylum obtained outside the United States, and I believe in walls/fences. I have one which keeps out the deer and dogs. Do you have one?)

Isn’t oil independence good? Why rely on the Middle East? Why be against Keystone but not a word about Nord Strom 2?

And while I’m at it, transgenders (bless them) should not play on girls’ teams. You’ll change my mind when professional football clubs hire them as first stringers!

And you can even use critical thinking on critical race thinking!

I’m also for school choice with the money allotted students to be taken to the school of their choice. Achievement is most important and perhaps money allotted to schools should be based on achievement. (This will cause reactions.) And publicize achievement for all schools so we know what’s going on. Accountability, fairness, enforcement of laws — we need to get involved now.

It’s common sense that crime is on a rampage. There’s not enough enforcement, accountability, bail, incarceration ….

And for those who want to defund the police — brainless. Robert Contee, metropolitan police chief of Washington, D.C., we’re coddling violent criminals and blames the courts. Recidivism of violent criminals in D.C. is 87%. So let’s start to think critically and teach it in all grades.

Ramona Greb

Nevada City

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