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Ramona Greb: Health concern

Monthly, a group of us go to lunch regularly at different, local restaurants. Enter the nightmare.

The lone waitress welcomed us at 11:30 a.m., distributed water and menus and took our order. Salads were served and because we were eight, we normally expected a long wait. When I finished my salad I was able to observe the goings on. The waitress handled money, credit cards and bussed dishes, etc. What was shocking was that the waitress also prepared all the salads at the back of the room, grabbing a handful of shredded lettuce and adding tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, etc., topping it with dressing and serving.

This was done with bare, unwashed hands.

I reported this to Environmental Protection at Rood Center and talked to the guy in charge.

Now I wonder — how many restaurants do this out of the customers’ sight?

Ramona G. Greb

Nevada City

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