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Ramona Greb: Accountability and responsibility

Can alcoholics sue Jim Beam, Crown Royal, etc. because of their addiction? It’s their choice in consuming these products, right?

Are pharmaceuticals responsible for opioid addiction? Legally you need a prescription.

I wrote Judge Balkman to explain my situation. I had a knee replacement about five years ago. My prescription was for 80 pills, with a refill! If I consumed 17 pills and gave 10 to a friend in case of an emergency, I’d have 53 pills left, plus a refill. So who’s at fault? Doctors!

The patients are responsible for their actions so they’re also at fault for lacking self control. Pharmacies should keep track of opioid prescriptions — physicians and the amount. This should be reported to the powers that be.

Whatever happened to accountability and being responsible for one’s actions?

Ramona Greb

Nevada City

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