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Rachel Howard: It’s OK to change your mind about Trump

It is a surreal kind of sadness to be reading a biography of Anne Frank with your nine-year-old daughter for her school project on a day when the news is full of reports on Trump’s latest Hitlerian tactic, and the resemblance to the parades Hitler held and the military parade Trump is planning is not lost on your child, and you have to explain to her that Congress “could” impeach him, but the Republicans care more about power than about doing what’s right.

Community members who voted for Trump, you have an opportunity, a tremendous burning opportunity, to say “I supported him, but this is not what I wanted.”

You have an opportunity to tell your friends that he should be removed from office. You have a tremendous opportunity to write to Rep. Doug LaMalfa and say you expect your lawmakers to stand up to Trump with the kind of passion we have seen from Arizona’s Jeff Flake. I have nothing but respect and gratitude for any former Trump supporter who will now seize this moment to say he is not fit for office.

Every moment that slips by, the dangers mount. Trump is wrapping himself in the military because he knows he will then be able to say of anyone who objects to the parade, “You don’t support our troops.” It’s a very savvy move. He knows how to manipulate Americans.

I support the troops. My brother served two tours to Iraq. I do not support propaganda meant to establish a dangerous dictator.

Let’s not be manipulated, friends. This is the moment of choice.

Rachel Howard

Nevada City

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