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Puzzled by Latino support of Democratic Party

I have always been impressed by Latinos coming north to find work. The many Latino friendships I have enjoyed are due primarily to three major qualities these people have — work ethic, love of family and religious beliefs.

As Mr. Elias clearly revealed in his article about immigration, Republicans are at risk of losing more votes and moving more red states to blue. He may be right, and I do agree that all immigrants who abide by the law once here should have access to citizenship and to register to vote.

That said, I am puzzled by Latino support of Democratic politicians. In 2012, California Democrats received 80 percent of Latino support. The truth is that Democrats support more government, more deficits, more debt, more taxes, more unfunded entitlement liabilities and more regulations and restrictions on businesses. This forces many companies to outsource jobs overseas, replace workers with technology and hire part-time workers with few benefits. So much for believing in a work ethic!

As Latinos support more debt and dependency instead of strong economic growth, they are just adding to the mortgage on the future. High and rising health care costs, especially at the end of life, is a perfect example of how American voters are putting their selfish dependency ahead of their children’s tomorrow. That is not responsible parenthood and love of family!

Finally, any voters, Latino or no, who allow politicians, business leaders, charitable organizations, the media, etc., to play mind games to buy votes, customers or contributors are driving decisions based upon emotion, not the heart. That is one nation under human nature, not God!

Easing immigration laws may be a driving force for many Latinos, but the economic result of supporting more government will be so detrimental to the future that they just may want to return to their homeland or give up the qualities I have held in such high regard.

Comprende, mis amigos?

Rick Farwell

Penn Valley

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