Prop 32 increases Big Money’s influence |

Prop 32 increases Big Money’s influence

California voters are currently being deceived by campaign ads supporting Proposition 32. The ads want you to believe that the proposition will eliminate the influence of money in politics. That is a total sham.

The proposition is a thinly veiled attempt by Republicans and conservatives to eliminate the ability of unions and their members to contribute funds to political races or initiatives. But Proposition 32 would provide virtually no restrictions on how much money corporate interests can donate. Proposition 32 is actually Citizens United on steroids. It will not eliminate the influence of money in politics, but will simply open the door for big money interests to increase their influence.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, industry already outspends labor 15 to 1. The ratio would be far greater if Prop 32 passes. Prop 32 ads claim that big corporations are scared of its passing. Really? Go online and see who is opposed. You won’t find any corporations listed. But there are big money interests supporting its passage.

Even the League of Women Voters, an objective, nonpartisan organization, opposes Prop 32. Don’t be fooled. Don’t let big money interests increase their influence in California politics. Vote no on Proposition 32!

Steve Eubanks

Rough and Ready

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