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Polly Bacich: My vote goes to Foster

I am writing to support John Foster for sheriff. I have studied the candidates, listened to their presentations and have come to the conclusion that John Foster is the best candidate.

All three candidates presented themselves very well, giving their background and what they aspired for the Sheriff’s Office. However, only one has demonstrated the leadership skills necessary to affect change. I know how important it is to have leadership ability. John Foster’s career shows his ability to work in a variety of situations.

The best intentions mean little if you do not have the skills to work in a political environment and develop skills within your staff. An effective leader identifies talent within the staff and encourages personal growth, to the benefit of all. While intentions are admirable, they do not bring about the improvement and growth I am looking for.

My vote for sheriff goes to John Foster.

Polly Bacich

Grass Valley

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