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Political smugness

Regarding Karen Tricomi’s political advertisement for Audrey Denney in “Other Voices,” I should have expected inaccuracies when she misspelled her candidate’s name in the first sentence. But I could not anticipate the degree of flawed logic and outright misrepresentations that followed. Tricomi states that in 2018 Denney won Nevada County by 56%. Mathematically, that would have required Denney to capture 78% of the vote, which she most certainly did not.

Tricomi continues and I quote, “During the 2018 mid-terms, she narrowed the margin between she (sic) and LaMalfa from 20 points to 9.9 points,” an impossibility because Denney wasn’t on the ballot in 2016.

While it’s true LaMalfa received 18,000 fewer votes than Cox, it cannot be assumed that these were Republican voters crossing over to Denney. Unless Tricomi was physically present as people marked their ballots, there is no way she can know who voted for whom. These 18,000 votes could have been Democrats voting for Denney that could not stomach the horror of a Governor Newsom.

Finally, the epitome of political smugness: equating campaign contributions with doing good in the world. Campaign contributions might be the root of all evil in this country.

Susan Walsh

Nevada City

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