Plenty of ‘immorality’ out there beyond Pride parade |

Plenty of ‘immorality’ out there beyond Pride parade

What if you replace gay and LGBT in Mr. Galletta’s letter with Negro, Jew, Muslim, Eskimo or Mexican — would The Union publish it? I’m not sure. We in the civilized world have an agreement not to hurt people for mean-spirited reasons. This is kind of like ignoring a bully.

Mr. Galletta thinks his way is the way to live and God is on his side. The objectionable, unnatural, behaviors of gay people offend him. Perhaps Mr. Galletta has never been a minority class who suffered from the Christianity of the majority. His bigotry offends me. The vast majority of gay people have not practiced child molestation throughout the world as have some priests of the Catholic church with the apparent cover up of their bishops.

Yes, indeed if you destroy the “morality” of a society you have destroyed it completely. In prime time on a straight show “Two and A Half Men” they were joking about blow jobs and orgies. Lots of TV shows and movies show women wearing see-through clothes and gratuitous nudity. But alas, at the Pride parade in San Francisco, some people wore beach attire (“Speedos” and thongs) and that’s immoral.

Jim Richards

Nevada City

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