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Dave Heinen: PG&E heroes and villains

Response to Ken Hale, (Chief Investigative Officer, Nevada County vs. PG&E) Other Voices June 15, “No Spark, No Fire.”

Mr. Hale presents a scathing indictment of how PG&E executives (not workers, whom he considers heroes) have put profits before the safety of their customers, attempted to shift the costs of their corporate irresponsibility to the rate payers, and avoid taxes. Because of executive decisions, customers were immolated, homes burned, and many of the decision makers received huge bonuses.

Some points from Ken’s article:

1994 emails reveal PG&E policy: “cheaper to pay fines then cut trees.”

In 2012 PUC found PG&E diverted $100 million safety dollars to executive bonuses.

In 2008 to 2010, PG&E paid no income tax on $4.8 billion and received more than $1 billion in tax credits. But PG&E claims it cannot afford to keep vegetation away from power lines. CPUC records show power pole replacement decades behind schedule because of insufficient funding.

2010-2017, wine country, aging PG&E pole failed. Nine fires resulted, thousands of acres consumed, 2,079 houses destroyed, 21 people killed.

PG&E plans to turn off our power if the wind comes up, because infrastructure maintenance went to bonuses. Read his article online.

Dave Heinen

North San Juan

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