Peter Perkins: In support of Mary Anne Davis |

Peter Perkins: In support of Mary Anne Davis

We are both long-time residents, registered voters, taxpayers and independent small-business owners here in Nevada County.

The integrity of our vital records, the accurate recording of our property documents, and the free and fair administration of our electoral system is of great importance to us.

Now more than ever, our public offices need to be held by individuals who are competent, conscientious, compassionate and courageous, with the ability to offer strong leadership, consistent impartiality, and prudent and responsive decision making.

We believe that Mary Anne Davis is such an individual, one who will deliver effective and responsive service to our county. It is with enthusiasm and confidence that we unequivocally support and endorse Mary Anne Davis in her bid to be the next county clerk-recorder/registrar of voters for Nevada County.

Peter Perkins and Catherine Ione-Perkins


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