Peter Beesley: Working together to improve evacuation routes |

Peter Beesley: Working together to improve evacuation routes

Thanks to the Coalition of Firewise Communities for their efforts to work with Nevada County and the Fire Safe Council to seek grant funding for better maintaining hazardous vegetation along roadsides.

The focus is to improve fire response and evacuation safety. Without additional funding, Nevada County is only able to perform about 50 miles of vegetation management annually along public roadsides which less than 10% of the 560 miles of roads they maintain. With partner support, the Public Works Department is in the process of revising their plan to more regularly and aggressively address vegetation in the highest Fire Hazard Severity Zones first. We should all strongly support these goals and be prepared to do our part whether living along a county or private road. If you do live on a private road, you have a responsibility as a member of this community, and in fact, a legal obligation to abate hazardous vegetation per county ordinance number 2411.

As the Greater Alta Sierra Firewise Community, we plan to help educate residents about wildfire preparedness and plan to share such info with you in future editorials.

Peter Beesley, chair, Greater Alta Sierra Firewise Community

Alta Sierra

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